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The One Skirt You Need in Your Closet

Updated: May 23, 2022

I recently purchased a skirt that solved all my problems. My wardrobe problems, that is. I had some tops I’d been wanting to style with something other than jeans and none of my other skirts were quite right. Enter the jersey slip skirt of my dreams.

See what I mean? I’ve been wracking my brain on how to style this cool drama shoulder tee (complete with shoulder pads) for a while. Jeans just felt too obvious. I love it tucked into this black skirt and paired with some snakeskin boots. It’s chic and edgy. The dramatic shoulders on this top made me think of a jacket I own with the coolest puff sleeves that I’ve also been struggling to style.

Again, the skirt worked like a charm. I can’t tell you how many other skirts, dresses and pants I’ve tried to style this unique jacket with, unsuccessfully. This skirt is such a simple basic that it works with so many different styles and of the moment trends.

Speaking of current trends — there’s this new sweatshirts with fancy collars trend that is so weird...but I’m into it. My theory on this trend is that it has been brought on by how much time we’re all spending on Zoom. It allows you to enjoy the comfort of a sweatshirt while looking a little bit dressed up. I love a sweatshirt + skirt moment and I think this combo is so cute and sweet.

The final test this skirt had to pass was the band tee test, and boy did it pass. I have no idea why I didn’t have a skirt like this in my wardrobe already, but I’m so glad it’s here now.


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