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Plus Size Pinterest Style

I’ve been thinking a lot about plus size representation in fashion lately. Basically, there’s a lack of it for no good reason. There are so many stylish fat babes putting out killer content on Instagram, their blogs and even TikTok (BTW, you can follow me all those places!)

One place that many of us go for style inspo is good old Pinterest. It’s a powerful search engine that I really haven’t been using to it’s full potential. So, I recently performed 2 style searches and then made them fat. Because yes, they only turned up thin results. If I can get style inspo from thin people — they can get it from me, right? LET’S GO!

Search #1 — How to style a pink blazer

I picked up a pink blazer on clearance after Christmas and wanted to find a bunch of ways to style it. I found so many cute styles that involved jeans and T-shirts and decided that was the route I wanted to go. I also saw a lot of fun pink and red color combos so I reached for an old tank top I had with fun red writing on it.

This look is so easy but so fun!


Search #2 — How to style a plaid shacket

Oh, shackets. Is it a shirt? Is it a jacket? I actually think it’s a coat! Anyway, I had picked one up in the fall and styled it with a sweater but just knew there was more to shacket life than that. My Pinterest search results turned up a lot of girls styling their shackets with crop tops, probably because everyone on the internet lives in California but still wants to wear fall/winter stuff. I live in Nebraska and experience actual winter weather so I opted for a cropped hoodie instead.

This look kinda killed two style birds with one stone because the coat + hoodie trend is also poppin at the moment.

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