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Comfort + Style

If you’re like me, you’ve been amassing sweatpants and loungewear like crazy since the start of the pandemic. We all love our comfy clothes, but I don’t think we always see them as stylish. Could we though? Let me introduce you to my friends the pull on pants—POPs for short (as in POP them on and go).

Below are 3 ways to style them that are perfect for working from home in comfort or for going out in style.


The POPs I’m going to be styling are this beautiful, rich ochre color—or are they gold? Khaki? Olive? Chartreuse? Whatever you call this color, it’s very popular and I’m always drawn to it. I already had a cardigan and sleeveless top on hand in similar shades. Monochromatic outfits have a way of looking elevated and expertly put together—even when they are extremely comfortable and casual.


Pink goes so beautifully with neutral colors. I love how much my pink blazer pops when paired with these POPs. I layered it over a graphic (in a few senses of the word!) tee—but a fun pink sweater or sweatshirt would work, too!


Not feeling bold? There’s nothing wrong with keeping things classic. Grab your favorite khaki jacket and a basic T-shirt to achieve this effortlessly cool and comfy look.

Let me know which style is your favorite in the comments!

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