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Cute Classics

Are you mad about plaid? Probably. It's comfortable, easy and makes a statement. That is the fall trinity right there, which is why plaid is a fall staple now and forever.

I'm here for the classics. Jeans, boots, flannel, small town main streets and retro movie theaters that play cult classics. This outfit has the perfect vibe for a Sunday trip to Havelock, a small town time capsule tucked inside northeast Lincoln.

I live for the original signage and architecture. There is so much character and charm in Havelock. Why mess with the classics?

We are currently experiencing a resurgence of summer warmth in the Midwest. I'll let you in on a secret about this plaid top. It's not a heavy flannel fabric, rather a lightweight and stretchy elastane material. It's perfect for when you're all about fall but the weather has other ideas.

This outfit is an homage to comfort. The jeans have a lot of stretch, not to mention the cute fringy crisscross action on the hem. The ankle boots are also perfectly comfortable without sacrificing any style points.

Have I convinced you to throw on a classic fall outfit and visit a nearby small town yet? Just in case I haven't, I would also like to point out that small towns still have cute vintage soda machines...

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love that top!! so cute!!

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