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The Best Plus Size Swimwear

📢 ANNOUNCEMENT: It is mandatory that you put a swimsuit on your body this summer. Plus size swimwear has graduated from black swim dresses and blousy tankinis and you owe it to yourself to put on a fabulous piece of swimwear that makes you feel amazing.

Don’t worry about the lumps and bumps, babe. There is nothing wrong with the body you are in. Worried someone else will have a problem with your body? They probably won’t. And if they do? Well...that sounds like a personal problem and not one you should take any ownership of. Can you imagine hating fat bodies in 2020? Ew, gross. I put on my first two-piece swimsuit just 4 years ago and I've never looked back. Personally, I believe my boobs deserve their own piece of swimwear. There really is something transformative about a two-piece bathing suit.

Below are my recommendations on where to shop for the hottest plus size swim styles that will bring some vacation vibes to your summer quarantine.

My Go-To Places for Plus Size Swimwear:

  1. ASOS You‘re shocked, right? Well you shouldn’t be. ASOS brings the same cutting edge style to their plus size swimwear that they do to their entire plus size line. And at a very nice price point. The red suit I’m wearing is just one of their amazing options.

  2. TORRID Love them or hate them — they know how to do swimwear. I’m always really drawn to their fun prints and they have so much variety. The quality of their suits is worth the slightly higher price.

Where is your favorite swimsuit from? Let me know in the comments!

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