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80s Baby

Since we've established that I am an elder member of the style blog/Instagram community, why not fully embrace it with an 80s flashback photo shoot? All I needed was a gritty club parking lot and the perfect jean jacket. Easy.

When I spotted this retro jean jacket on ASOS I could not resist. I have been looking for an oversized jean jacket for awhile, but it really is a fine line between oversized and too big/does not fit. ASOS nailed the trend with what they are calling a "girlfriend jacket". The sleeves balloon out and have a narrow cuff (so 80s fab) while the jacket fits normally in the shoulders.

Just look at that perfect sleeve poof. Take me to the mall so I can buy this jacket a best friend necklace. This jacket is so 80s that it pretty much demands to be worn with other denim. I paired it with a basic white t-shirt, distressed jeans in a similar wash and some gold pointed-toe flats.

I'm dying to wear it over a dress with boots as well. I need lots and lots of pins to emblazon the front of this jacket. Any of these would do.

This jacket makes me wish that malls still had glamour shots portrait studios in them. I've got the collar grab down. This jacket completes me.

This being October and all, why not pick this jacket up to wear as rad outerwear AND to serve as the key piece for an easy DIY 80s girl Halloween costume? I'm currently in the process of styling and shooting a series of DIY Halloween costumes that can be thrown together quickly and affordably. Make sure you're subscribed to my blog, you'll be notified whenever I post new content.


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