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Work of Art

There are no fashion rules. I repeat, there are no fashion rules. Fashion is art and should be treated as such. There is no wrong way to style yourself. Just be authentically you and your vision will shine through.

Fallen Dreamer by Tom Otterness

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day. The temps were in the upper 70's, there was a gentle breeze and fluctuating cloud cover. Great day for an art walk and photo shoot. The Sheldon Museum of Art on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus is such an inspiring space. The outdoor sculpture garden is breathtaking.

Untitled by Jun Kaneko

I'm not a skilled painter or sculptor. Fashion is my way of getting to play with things like color, texture and pattern every day. I enjoy reimagining pieces of clothing and pushing myself to display them in new ways. NEWS FLASH: You don't have to wear things as they were intended. You bought it, it's yours now. You can do whatever you want with it! This skirt is actually a dress that I put a t-shirt over.

I've had this #LaneBryant dress for a few years and what drew me to it is the way it plays with different styles. The crinkled camo chiffon overlay takes something that is usually reserved for classier attire and makes it edgy. I regularly wear this dress with a denim jacket and sneakers. When I saw this retro asteroids arcade game ringer tee from #Target I had a vision.

Arcade princess was born. She spends her time looking for quarters in beautiful fountains while listening to Guns N' Roses and high voice Madonna.

Can I just tell you how liberating of a feeling it is when you decide that there are no colors that universally match or clash? I will wear cobalt blue with camo if I want to. And personally, I think it looks amazing. Be a color scientist.

Wind Sculpture III by Yinka Shonibare

I also think it's fun to add unexpected accessories to outfits. The rhinestone necklace brings the princess feel, while the zipper booties toughen up the whole vibe. If I'm going to be a princess, I prefer to be a tough one. I may be in this dress, but I'm not in distress.

Can we talk about this t-shirt though? It's pretty sweet. I love wearing t-shirts over dresses. This shirt isn't very long, but giving it a twist and knotting it in the front helps to create a waistline. #Target has a whole slew of Atari themed t-shirts as part of their Junk Food Clothing collab on their website right now. I haven't seen them in any of my local Target stores. It was hard to pick just one, but I'm happy with my choice. After this photo shoot I swapped out the dress and boots for a pair of distressed dark wash jeans and leopard print flats to attend a game night with friends. I will be getting a lot of use out of this top.

The wind was magical this day. It's hard not to feel like a whimsical princess when a gentle breeze catches your frock and tussles your hair.

This fun outfit made me feel out of this world...and a bit like a lady Axl Rose. Now, go play in your closet!

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