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Wear What Makes You Happy

Find what makes you happy and then just do that. Sounds simple enough, right? Of course, our days can't only be filled with the things that make us happy, that's not adulthood. Luckily, I have a trick for making unhappy things a little better — animal print.

Animal print makes me feel powerful. Whenever I have a tough day of meetings or something I'm dreading I put on animal print. It's both a mood booster and a power move. And then sometimes I wear it just because I love it. When I saw this dress in the Beauticurve x Lane Bryant collection I was ecstatic. I love Rochelle Johnson's style and this dress was the perfect match of her style to my own.

This beautiful hi-lo maxi dress is pure magic. The quality is luxurious, just what you would expect from Rochelle. There is so much I love about this dress (beyond the print). The elastic waist comfortably defines your waist. The skirt has a heavy lining that makes it flow and drape perfectly. The flutter sleeves are so light and airy for spring and summer. Don't go thinking this dress is only for fancy occasions though. The buttons down the center and the pockets (YES, IT HAS POCKETS) make this dress so versatile, even as casual wear. I wore it with white Converse sneakers because that's how I roll.

The neckline and darting on the bust are just so lovely. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, it's a good boob dress. I took this dress for a romp in an open field on a beautiful sunny day and felt fantastic. I don't tend to be a very smiley model, but there were so many pictures of me smiling from this shoot. Animal print is my happy place and this dress is a bad vibe repeller. It's still available in every size and currently 40% off. Run, don't walk (link below).

People have a lot of opinions about what women should and shouldn't wear, especially if they are plus size. Too tight, too shapeless, too flashy, too boring — it's insane. Your body is yours to dress and the rest is just a mess, so wear what makes you happy.


Shop my look:

Dress - Lane Bryant \ Sunglasses - Hello Holiday

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