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The Case for Getting Dressed

So things are weird and getting dressed is the least of our worries right now. We still need to do it though, right? So maybe we're not getting dressed, dressed — but we are still putting on clothes. Comfy clothes. Clothes that keep us warm, clothes that keep us cool — seasons are still a thing.

First things first, I have 100% been living in leggings and sweatshirts. Maybe I've thrown on the occasional sweater for a Zoom call, but really I've fully embraced the quarantine casual lifestyle. Summer is coming though, and I know exactly what I plan to wear for the entirety of it.

T-shirt dresses — daytime's answer to wanting to live in a nightshirt. They are easy, comfy, cool, affordable, fun and perfect for working from home. They come in every color, cut and print you can think of, which makes them perfect for everyone. For all of these reasons, I predict that T-shirt dresses will be the hottest selling item this summer. This pink ruffly one from H&M was under $20 and is as perfect for a spring stroll as it is for sitting in my home office. I'm obsessed with this cheery shade of pink.

I do find it important to maintain my sense of style, even when mostly hanging at home. So when I saw this jazzed up take on a T-shirt dress on the ASOS site I had to snag it. And I suggest you do the same when you find one you love because comfy, stylish clothing options are selling out fast.

Hello, graphic tee + sequin sleeves! One could be tempted to think of it as a shame to only wear this dress inside ones home — but I've long understood that I get dressed for me. Wearing something fabulous is a form a self care.

I don't foresee myself doing a ton of fashion blogging in the near future. I'm mostly posting a few times a week on my Instagram and will hop on here whenever I have something to share. I hope that you are all well. Please reach out if there is anything you'd like me to post about.




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The pink dress is sold out but still available in orange - H&M | Denim Jacket - ASOS | Sneakers - Adidas

The black t-shirt dress is sold out but this site has so many great t-shirt dress options - ASOS | Similar Boots - ASOS

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