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Not so basic

I love a good basic dress, one that can be worn alone or under a variety of jackets and top layers. This Target dress is basically the basic dress of my dreams.

This knit tank dress kicks things up a notch with a fun ruched side detail. It comes in this perfect heather green color, as well as gray. I'm tempted to buy the gray version too...

I've worn it many times with a jean jacket and sneakers, but wanted to try dressing it up a bit. This long kimono, while beautiful, has proven to be a bit of a style challenge for me. Until now that is.

They are perfectly paired. The pink and green are a beautiful combo, so is the solid base with the floral pattern. If you're into being comfy while being fancy, this is a great way to accomplish that aesthetic.

If you're drawn to pretty kimonos like this one, but aren't sure how you'd wear it, a basic tank dress or bodycon is your best bet.

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