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My Favorite Spring Style Hack

Springtime in Nebraska is wild. We went from 85 degrees to 42 degrees with flurries in a matter of days last week. We're currently enjoying temps in the 50's. These fluctuations can make it challenging to know how to dress. My advice? Get creative!

Spring is the perfect time to break out those fun dresses you've been keeping cooped up in your closet all winter. When there's a chill in the air, why not pair your spring dresses with jeans? I snagged this adorable tiger print dress with puff sleeves at Target back in December and have been dying to actually wear it for months.

All you need to pull off the jeans + dress look is a knee length (or shorter) shift or A-line dress and a pair of skinny jeans. You probably already have a winning combo in your closet. Consider your spring style hacked.

I'm 100% willing to admit that my main style aesthetic is a modern day Pebbles Flintstone. I'm happiest in animal print. For the purposes of this outfit I'm going to call these jeans claw marked, not distressed. I found these adorable laser cut oxfords in my closet and have no idea why I've never really worn them. Hello, new/old favorite spring shoes. I cut these sweet red tulips from my front yard today. They make the perfect spring accessory.


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