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Layer Player

Fall and winter are exciting to me because it means I get to play with layers again. Spring and summer dresses get a new lease on life when the temperatures dip. Mixing patterns, prints and textures is the best way to make your old clothes feel new again.

First things first, let's just get something out of the way. Yes, plus sized people can and should wear layers. You absolutely have the right to dress yourself in an interesting manner. You also have the right not to be consumed with finding and only wearing clothing that "flatters" your form. That's ridiculous. With layering it's all about the individual pieces and how they play off one another. I mixed the 90s trend of wearing a t-shirt under a slip dress with the borg, or teddy bear coat trend. I also mixed the fun leopard print of the dress with a polka dot print t-shirt. A leopard can't change its spots, but a print mixer can!

This long line borg coat is so cozy, yet polished. It adds instant texture to any look. It's also not every day that you find a coat that perfectly matches your hair. I guess if I were a teddy bear, this is what color I'd be. There will not be a reason to hibernate with this coat in my closet.

Don't pack away your favorite summer dress just yet. Throw a sweater over it. Put a turtle neck and tights underneath it. You'll be surprised how new and different the same old dress can feel just by wearing it in a new and different way.

Shop my look:

Dress - ASOS \ Coat - ASOS \ T-shirt - ASOS

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