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How to break out of a style rut

It recently occurred to me that I'm in a bit of a style rut when it comes to pants. I definitely gravitate toward slim/skinny legged pants, but I'm seeing so many cute wide and cropped legged pants coming out for spring. I decided it was time to give a new pant silhouette a try.

Pants are a pretty personal thing. We all have different body shapes and there is nothing worse than spending the day in ill fitting or uncomfortable pants that don't make you feel great. I went with a pair of jersey peg pants for my first foray out of the land of skinny jeans. First things first, these pants are supremely comfortable. They are light and billowy without being baggy. These pants will be perfect for spring and summer. It was a punishing 4° when I took these photos but I was tired of being housebound and wanted to wear my new pants, dangit!

These high waisted, easy going pants are perfect for tucking any style of top into for a polished and chic look. Pro tip, tucking is not just for the super slim. Plus size babes look killer and stylish when they tuck a top into high waisted drawers. It really is time that we all get over the fear that someone will see the outline of our stomach under our clothes and have feelings about that. Who really cares? This is my stomach. You saw it? Cool. We're all still alive? I thought so. I'm very comfortable with mixing patterns, so I paired my new pants with a leopard print bowling shirt and duster length striped sweater. Breaking out of a style rut doesn't mean you have to avoid everything you love. Rather, you can just add in a new piece alongside your beloved classics. It's still your style after all.

I was torn on whether to wear boots or sneakers with this look, and ultimately went with bowling style sneakers to tie in with the vibe of the top. The ankle grazer length of these pants makes it easy to pair them with so many different types of footwear. Who doesn't love a versatile pant?

The tapered, laid back style of these pants make them so easy to wear (yepp, they have pockets). I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a new pant style. Now, I'm going to need them in lots of colors and prints.


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Pants - ASOS \ Top - ASOS \ Sweater - Target \ Similar Sneakers - Target

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