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How I Turned My Backyard Into a Summer Oasis

It’s hot outside. The AC is pumping and you’re stuck inside if you don’t want to sweat through your clothes. That’s definitely how I’ve been surviving summers as an adult — running from AC to AC — until this summer.

Summer Life Hack

What changed? I got a pool! Now it feels like I’m on summer vacation whenever I step into my backyard. The pool was easy to set up, can stay up all summer long and only cost around $300 — including accessories and chemicals.

About The Pool

The pool has a 10’ diameter and is about 2.5’ deep — perfect for sitting or floating in. It comes with a filtration system, so you only need to purchase an above ground pool chemical dispenser and some chemicals to keep the water clean and clear throughout the summer. I got a skimmer to grab out any leaves or grass that blow onto the surface of the water and a handy vacuum attachment for my hose that takes care of any debris that sinks to the bottom of the pool.

Pool Setup

It only took a few hot days for the floating flamingo thermometer I placed in the pool to read 85° — the perfect temp! The setup involved in reaching this perfection was quick and easy. The part that took the longest? Filling the pool.

I watched a YouTube video to get an idea of what would be involved in the setup and it really is as easy as:

  1. Pick a flat 10’ x 10’ area to place the pool

  2. Inflate the rim of the pool

  3. Hook up the filtration system

  4. Start filling with a hose (this took about 2.5 hours)

That’s it! So easy — and now I’ll have months of enjoyment and a reason to wear all my cute swimsuits.

Shopable Links

I’ve done the shopping for you. Tap the links below for everything you’ll need to set up your own summer oasis.


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