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Highlight Your Look

Summer is almost here and the neon trend is catching my eye. It's fun, flashy and wearable for every body.

This neon green satin slip skirt from ASOS is what summer dreams are made of. It is lightweight and looks so fresh and easy with a white top and sneakers. I highly recommend that you give your summer wardrobe a glow up with some neon.

This skirt is the exact kind of thing that I would see in straight sizes and wish was available in my size a few years back. ASOS is putting out some seriously amazing plus size fashion and they will always have my heart and business because of this. I no longer have to be jealous of the straight size section. More retailers really need to take note and follow this leader in plus size fashion.

I always want to show you guys a good mix of highly wearable and fashion forward looks on my blog. Representation is so important, and I think plus size people shy away from new styles because they haven't seen it worn by anyone who looks like them. I get it. Long before I started my blog I followed other plus size bloggers and filled my Instagram feed with plus size fashionistas. It completely cleansed my pallet of all the sites and stores that use straight sized models to sell plus size clothing. Seeing clothing on similar bodies to mine altered the way I saw myself. I want that for everyone. Beauty standards are garbage. Body standards are trash. Stop looking at yourself through those lenses and start loving your body.


Shop this look:

Top - ASOS \ Skirt - ASOS \ Sneakers - Adidas

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