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Halloween DIY

Halloween is only a week away! The weekend costume parties are quickly approaching and if you don't have a costume you might be starting to panic. Resist the urge to run out to one of the picked over retail stores. You will leave with something expensive and boring. Why not make your own costume out of clothes in your wardrobe? Below are two costumes that I threw together out of stuff that I already owned.

Creepy Doll

I wrote about my undying love for this dress in a previous blog. I'm obsessed with it and just had to find a way to wear it again ASAP. I feel like a living doll in it. Living doll...that has a whole new meaning around Halloween time. All I had to do was add a giant hair bow, socks, basic black flats and some doll-like makeup. You could take the makeup a step further if you wanted to make it even creepier. This look can be easily recreated with any cute or frilly dress you may have. Baby doll and smock dresses would work perfectly too.

Emilia Fart

Never heard of Emilia Fart? Educate yourself. She is a YouTube sensation. Don't let her hilariously outrageous antics fool you, this woman is an icon. Putting on her costume (which I made out of a spare red flat sheet) felt amazing. Being Emilia for just a little bit was such a freeing experience. Her whole aesthetic speaks to me. She wears whatever she wants, how she wants, anywhere she wants. I basically have two style icons, Kellie Brown and Emilia Fart. If ever I start to doubt my fashion choices or feel my courage to pursue my dreams being tested I ask myself, what would Kellie and Emilia do? And then I get on with it.

All you need to become Emilia is a flat sheet, feather boa, winged liner and a strong contour. For the caftan I folded the sheet in half and cut out a head hole. I also cut a swatch of fabric off the back to create the accompanying signature scarf. I did not sew the sides of the sheet closed because I'm not a sewer. You could simply pin it shut if you wanted to wear this to a costume party, or wear a tank top and leggings underneath for coverage. I bought some green Halloween hairspray, but it didn't work awesomely on my red hair. I think if I were to try this again I might first spray in some dry shampoo to create a white cast on my hair and then go in with the green.

What are you planning to be for Halloween? Do you prefer to buy or make/assemble your own costumes?

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