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Graphic Girl

I love graphic tees. And I really love it when I find a shop that sells tons of super cute graphic tees with slogans that resonate with me.

Luella is one such shop. It's a woman-owned brand that sells clever screen printed t-shirts and other accessories. Most of their tees feature pro-girl and body positive slogans. What's not to love?

Graphic tees are great year round. I love layering them under jackets and sweaters in fall/winter and wearing them alone in the summer. They add a fun vibe to any outfit.

I like the word play on this tee. Whichever way you take it, it's a true statement. Yes, I do love nachos and no, I'm not your babe. The red on pink is very sweet while the text is mildly subversive. Just like me.

The heart shaped sunglasses are from another woman-owned brand called Hello Holiday. They also have some great graphic tees on their site.

Shop my look:

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