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Go Faux It!

I’m sure you’ve noticed the faux leather legging trend. I was positive it had nothing to do with me...until I tried on a pair. Now I’m obsessed and actually inspired! It’s been a minute since I got super excited about a pair of pants. I can‘t stop thinking of cute ways to style them! Here are 2 looks I came up with.

Dispel the notion that leather looking pants are only for rock shows and start thinking of them as what they really are — pure style magic. One of my truest tests for pant versatility is print mixing. If they can hold up against a bold mix of prints I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

Just look at these pants thriving alongside an eclectic mix of grunge, glam and sporty vibes. I’m from the 80s so I’ll always love oversized tops paired with tight pants or leggings.

Speaking of the 80s, HELLO. I wore something very similar to this outfit on my first day of 2nd grade. I was starting a new school and wanted to look cool. I still stand by that look. I didn‘t have faux leather pants back then — but I’m making up for lost time.

Right about now you may be saying to yourself, “These pants look great — but are they comfortable?” And the answer is OMG, YES! Wanna know a secret? While the front of these pants are a stretchy faux leather looking masterpiece, the back are a lovely ponte knit. They are thick, comfy and you won’t slide around when you go to sit down. They thought of everything.

Want a few more style ideas for these pants?

  • Preppy — Plaid collared shirt layered under a chunky cream sweater with brown booties

  • Classic — A band tee and oversized jean jacket with white sneakers

  • Snuggly — A cowl necked sweater and teddy bear coat with booties


Pants — Torrid | Sweater — Torrid

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