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Fringe Benefits

If you ever want to give yourself a gut check, put on a pink dress and go to the fair. You'll also need to take along a photographer and pose in the middle of a hot crowd of people eating various foods off of sticks.

This was definitely the most challenging shoot I've ever done. There's always a few people around during most of the blog shoots I do, but this was by far the most scrutiny I've felt while shooting. The first few shots were horrible. I looked like I was in pain, and I kind of was. People were staring at me like, "Who the heck does this girl think she is?", or so I felt. I wanted to leave and give up. But then I reminded myself who I am.

I'm a bad bitch in a fringe trimmed dress. And boots. When I started this blog just over a month ago it was with the intention of forcing myself to be unapologetically creative and authentically me. Stare if you want, I'm here to werk. Consider yourself checked, gut.

I was drawn to the buzz, whir and garish glow that the fair gives off. There's something both ugly and beautiful about it. The fair itself is a spectacle, so really what better place to make one of myself?

This dress is dripping in yesss. I love the color. Sometimes it appears more red, but it's a beautiful coral. The fringe on the sheer overlay makes me feel like a beautiful Victorian lamp shade. How do you not throw on a pair of white boots and gallop off to the fair in this dress?

This dress is dizzyingly fabulous. It makes me wish I had a late summer wedding to attend. This dress would be fun to dance in.

I can personally attest that this dress will make people stop in their tracks and stare. Especially if you have the audacity to pose in it.

As I was leaving the fair I passed by a group of teenage girls and one of them said, "You look gorgeous". It came at a moment when I felt anything but. I was hot, my feet hurt and I felt judged by everyone around me. Sometimes when you power through uncomfortable situations you get rewarded with a touch of validation right when you need it most. Oh, and some awesome pictures of your daring trip to the fair.

Shop this look:

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ADAMSEL in this dress
ADAMSEL in this dress
Aug 19, 2018



Aug 19, 2018

You ROCK the fringe! (and the dots...I love the dots)

You are fierce!

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