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Flower Power

I'm not going to go into the extreme cold temps we've been experiencing, because I'm sure you've all heard plenty about #PolarVortex2019 and don't really need my take on it. It was brutal, but then today the temperature soared to a balmy 46° and the city began to thaw. It was a glimpse of spring, and I broke out my floral print jeans to celebrate.

I don't know about you, but I love a busy print on pants. It makes them so versatile! I can see wearing these jeans with a variety of different colored sweaters and t-shirts. Grey, navy, pink, white, light blue and lavender would all look great.

I paired these busy floral jeans with a light grey roll neck sweater that I got from Stitch Fix last fall. It's super comfy and has thumb holes, which make it perfect for transitional weather. I layered it under my go-to girlfriend jean jacket from ASOS. It is my all-time favorite jean jacket and I get a ton of wear out of it.

I'm serious about comfort, but I also enjoy finding ways to make comfortable look fabulous. Denim with a fun or bold print can do just that. I'm seeing lots of printed denim around and I cannot recommend them enough, especially if you are plus size.

Why do I recommend that plus size babes wear pattern heavy pants? Because we're told not to. Something about drawing attention to our "problem areas". I don't know about you, but I'm not comfortable with thinking of my body as problematic.

Peace, love and flower pants.


Shop the look:

Jeans - Lane Bryant | Jacket - ASOS | Boots - Target

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ADAMSEL in this dress
ADAMSEL in this dress
Feb 09, 2019

Thanks, I’m glad to hear you are getting outfit inspo here!


Feb 05, 2019

Thank you for always being so positive! I have been traumatized by clothes shopping and making outfits for years now and have practically given up. You give me hope... and good ideas. And THANK YOU for saying publicly that we don't have "problem areas" on our bodies. It is who we are, right now, and to hate a part is like hating the whole thing. It's not what I want to be thinking about myself.

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