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Everything Old Is New Again

I turned 40 last week and headed to Las Vegas to celebrate. Vegas is a neon wonderland. The Strip and Fremont Street both buzz and hum with electricity. It's all so extra and I love it.

One destination I was excited to visit in Las Vegas was The Neon Museum, sometimes referred to as the neon boneyard. The museum preserves the iconic neon signs of old Las Vegas.

There is so much to take in and see. These iconic signs are classic and timeless to me. What a perfect place to visit on my 40th birthday.

So here's the thing about turning doesn't bother me at all. I've never really understood the dread of getting older. Sure, I require more sleep than I did in my 20's, but sleep is awesome. Other than the need for a regular sleep schedule, I really don't feel "old". Also, I think I've discovered what it is that actually keeps people young.

The day you stop learning, experiencing and trying new things is the day you actually turn old. Keeping an open mind is what keeps people youthful.I think it's important to learn from your life experiences while not letting them inform all of your future decisions. The need for resilience doesn't stop when we turn a certain age. I would argue that it can become more important as we get older.

So there it is, my tip for staying forever young. The other tip is to never dress your age (whatever that means). Keep bending those arbitrary fashion rules that need not exist.

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