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Easy Target

I'm all about casual style. I love to feel comfortable while being stylish. This is a big part of why my whole heart belongs to #Target. At any given moment I am usually wearing at least one thing from Target.

This adorable ruffle sleeve top and the leopard print flats are both from Target. I'm obsessed. Let me just lay out a few reasons for my strict Target allegiance (in case some of you aren't fully converted):

  • Affordable

  • Stylish

  • Huge variety

  • Frequent deals (coupons & Cartwheel app)

  • Exciting collaborations with other brands

I love Target collaborations, I also love many of their in-house lines. This top is part of their Universal Thread line, which I've purchased many pieces from. The pointed flats are from another in-house line, A New Day. Both are exclusive to Target and have offered some really exciting pieces in a wide range of sizes and at an affordable price point. When I need a quick wardrobe update I usually check Target first.

Some Target stores don't have a huge plus size section. I've noticed a pretty sizable variation in the 3 Target stores in my city. While I do believe that Target should cater to their many plus sized customers, I frequently use the Target app to shop their extensive plus size section. Here's why it doesn't bother me a ton to do so: as a REDcard holder I get free shipping (and a 5% discount on all purchases) and I can return anything I don't like from my online purchases in-store. Target returns are among the most pain free I've ever experienced. And I'm certainly at Target regularly enough that it's not a hassle for me to make these returns.

These shoes are everything. Comfortable and so cool. They come in black, red and taupe as well. Oh, and they are less than $20. Seriously. They even come in wide width. What more could you ask for? Ok, let's talk about these jeans. They are from #LaneBryant and are just beyond. They have rips at both knees and a double released hem that pushes them over the top. Add skinny fit, super stretch and a medium wash and I'm sold.

Shop the look:

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