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Dog Days of Summer

There is something magical about the end of summer. It's usually oppressively hot, but there's a vibe. The days are getting shorter, school buses are starting to appear on city streets, things are changing. I enjoy the last gasp of seasons before they give way to something new.

I'm a cat person through and through, but really I'm a lover of all animals. I regularly get the chance to dog sit for this lovely lady. Her name is Dailey and she is a diva dog. I just knew she would love partaking in a photo shoot.

We went for a hot stroll on the path behind her house. This cotton polka-dot mermaid maxi is doggone cute. Let's break it down. It's cotton, so it's basically a t-shirt dress (super comf). It's polka-dot, so it's filled with whimsy. And it's what I'm calling a mermaid maxi because of the ruffle fin at the bottom. I make a splash whenever I wear it. This dress is so unique, I've never come across anything like it.

When I ordered it from #ASOS I wasn't sure I'd like it on me, but this dress is magical. The fit on it is crazy good. I think the ruffle fin adds just the right amount of weight to the bottom and results in a perfect draping situation.

There's a new kid on the block. This is Dailey's little sister, Rinny. She's bonkers. At just 8 months old, her energy is boundless. Our walk was very different from the leisurely stroll that big sis and I took. So different that it required a wardrobe change.

Rinny has a much more casual vibe than Dailey. And speaking of vibes, let's talk about this t-shirt. Why wouldn't you want a t-shirt that says Dolly Parton Vibes to romp around in? This t-shirt seemed perfect for an afternoon spent with Rinny, because it's adorable like her, and I will always love her. I'm drawn to crazy animals. Things got exciting when we came upon a gaggle of geese. I've never experienced leash burn before, my bad.

The heat and the geese eventually subdued her and she was ready to take some still shots by this crazy tree that couldn't decide which way it wanted to grow. A fitting spot for this pup.

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