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It doesn't matter how old I get, I never seem to outgrow fun and silly things. Show me where it says I have to. I frequently see clothes made for little kids and wish they came in my size. When I saw this ModCloth sweater I didn't hesitate to click add to cart.

What could be more fun than a fair isle DINO sweater? Nothing, that's what. 100% necessary too, if you ask me. Full disclosure, ModCloth is also selling a matching dinosaur hat and scarf. Thank you ModCloth, for letting me shop in the little kid section again.

Don't even think about buying this sweater for an ugly sweater competition. You'll lose. Because it's beautiful. This sweater is highly wearable and does not need or deserve to be reserved for holiday parties. I paired it with a khaki green jacket and jeans. I would wear this outfit most anywhere.

I think it would look great with a skirt, or what about sequence? You could get really wild. I'm up for pairing it with anything that keeps my inner child from going extinct.


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Sweater - ModCloth

Similar jacket - Kohl's

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