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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Blouse

You guys, fall is creeping up on us. I've seen flashes of it. Seen it moving through the treeline. It's being sneaky, but it's there. I'm not trying to alarm you, but you don't want to be caught off guard.

Personally, I love fall. The slow, indecisive way it comes upon us every year is a big part of the reason why. I appreciate the way it makes everything look totally different. Trees get magical makeovers. Oh, and the clothes. I love the clothes too.

This puff sleeved blouse with a tiger traipsing through a peony bush on it is 100% my aesthetic. I can admit that this blouse is highly ridiculous. What can I say? It completes me. I'm going to go ahead and admit that it is very hard for me to pass up clothing that has any kind of jungle cat print on it. Lions, tigers, leopards, oh my. This top is from #ASOS (duh). I snagged it last year and didn't wear it much. I plan on remedying that this fall.

I paired it with my favorite ripped jeans from #Torrid and some white ankle boots. I like the way the fancy blouse looks with the destroyed denim. The white boots tie everything together. Can you even handle all this shoulder poof?

Glorious. Also, how pretty is this blue color? The fact that I bought this top almost a year ago and never really wore it until now brings me to the topic of shopping your own closet. I'm currently in the process of purging and flipping my closet to make way for the new season. I'm going through everything I have and deciding what to keep, toss and donate. It's always amazing to me what hidden gems I find when I do this.

Finding a top that you forgot you had and are now suddenly obsessed with in your own closet is the best. I recommend looking through your old clothes and trying to reimagine how you might wear them instead of constantly buying new clothes. Believe me, I love buying new clothes, but I feel a sense of victory when I can take something that isn't new and make it feel that way.

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1 opmerking

23 aug. 2018

Love it!!

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