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Classic Chaos

I love old homes, architecture, cars and style. Vintage objects charm me. Insane as it might sound, the 90's are now vintage.

These 90's color splash jeans are everything. I wasted no time adding them to my cart when I saw them on ASOS. Ladies, if you are plus sized and unfamiliar with ASOS Curve, allow me to familiarize you. There's an app, free 2 day shipping and returns FROM ENGLAND for premiere account holders ($20 annual fee) and amazing new styles posted to their site daily. I just can't. There is simply no better place to shop if you are plus sized and trendy.

I chose a plain black over sized t-shirt for the top, which I knotted to create more of a fitted look around the waist. The jeans really are the focal point of the outfit.

I decided to shoot these fancy pants at a retro 1950's car wash that I've always loved the look of. You don't see signage like this anymore. I didn't know it when I selected this spot, but the car wash has been sold and will be torn down soon to build a shopping center and apartments. This saddens me, but I'm glad I got to shoot here before the whole area is gentrified.

Picking a shoe for these jeans was hard only because there are so many options! You could pair any bright colored shoe you have with these and it would look great. Black would also work. I can't wait to wear these pants in the fall with some loud sweaters.

Shop the look:

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