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Celebrating Moments Passed with JORD Watches

July marks one year since I launched my style blog! The time has flown by and I've learned so much in the past year about my own personal style. I believe that while trends may come and go — personal style is a culmination of both time and trends.

So what exactly have I learned about my personal style? For me, it comes down to 3 things:

  1. Neutrals

  2. Trying new things

This JORD watch incorporates all 3 of my personal style components.

You already know that I treat animal prints as neutrals — so when I saw this beautiful watch in zebrawood I fell in love. Wood certainly falls into the neutral category already, but add these beautiful stripes and I am so there. This watch looks gorgeous with my ever growing collection of animal print tops, skirts and dresses. And can we talk about the statement making turquoise face with Swarovski crystals in the shape of the little dipper? Out of this world.

I've never really been a watch person. Functionally, I always have my phone with me and can easily find out what time it is. But stylistically, I'm always willing to try new looks and new things. This JORD watch is what my style has been missing.

JORD has so many beautiful watches to choose from — your new favorite accessory is waiting to be discovered. JORD and I want you to have a chance to win $100 off one of their unique watches. Everyone who enters will receive a discount code just for trying! Enter here for your chance to win!

I received my JORD watch as a free gift. All opinions are my own.

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