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Causing a Camo-tion

Fall 2018 is shaping up to be all about patterns and prints. The amount of camo and leopard print I'm seeing has me pumped. I decided to take a single pair of camo jeans and style them three ways just to demonstrate how versatile this pattern really is.

Look One: Mix it up

These distressed camo jeans from #lanebryant inspire me. Obviously they would look great with a grey t-shirt and jean jacket, but why not try something unexpected? This striped top in lovely sunset shades looks really cool with the dark camo print. The camo works as a neutral here and neutrals always look great with a splash of color. I do not believe there is a print you can't pair with stripes.

Look Two: Scarf it Down

This white t-shirt has a fancy tiger scarf printed on it. Yupp. It's already being the most, so why not wear it with camo and some black/gold New Balance sneakers? Comfy and tough. The printed t-shirt actually gives a light touch to this look. When in doubt, mix a light print with a dark one. Everything will balance out.

Look Three: Neon Trees

Neon yellow pairs wonderfully with camo and leopard print. I practically blend in with my surroundings! All while standing out. Basically, my theory on color is that if nature does it, why can't I? This chunky oversized sweater is perfect for fall. I gave it a slight tuck into the front of the jeans, but it looks so good layered over summer dresses and with distressed blue jeans too.

Fall has got me so excited. I can't wait to play with more patterns and layers as the temperatures start to dip.

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