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Buffalo Stance

Buffalo plaid is my favorite pattern of plaid. It is bold and striking. Of course it looks good on a flannel, but what about on a pencil skirt? Pencil me in.

Pencil skirts are a go to for me. They are so versatile. They are basically the t-shirt of the skirt world...if that makes any sense. Give me a stack of t-shirts and pencil skirts and I am set. I'm also comfortable AF. If you haven't noticed by now, I am a firm believer that you do not have to be uncomfortable to be stylish.

I think it's fun to take a skirt and make it look tough and casual. Flip the script, ya know? I probably watched too much MTV in the 90's and as a result have a serious thing for tough girl style.

This whole look is so versatile. You could wear it to work, date night or a ball game. Don't pack your pencil skirts away in the fall and winter. Throw on some tights, boots and a cardigan and you are right back in business. The business of looking good.

Shop my style:

The skirt I'm wearing is about 3 years old from Missguided. Here are some other great places to shop for pencil skirts.

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