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Body Type Hype

Let's get something straight — there are no absolutes in fashion or beauty. I continue to see well-meaning people out here perpetuating the lie that is the how-to-guide for dressing your body type. Those guides are all written on the premise of some very specific beauty standards — and I've been sent to destroy them.

If I were to distill my body down to one of the preordained types, it would be hourglass. As such, I am instructed not to print mix because it detracts from my bodies symmetry. Sorry — you've already lost me. Print mixing is one of my favorite things to do!

I'm also supposed to opt for tops and jackets with fitted sleeves. But here I am — a girl who has yet to meet a puffed sleeve she didn't like. I couldn't hide my chest or arms if I tried, and I'm just not going to spend my life constantly striving for strict symmetry (or the allusion of it). Call me crazy, but I like to give people a little more credit than that. I believe that people can and will accept us as we are...if we do. And if they don't? Their loss.

Fashion is fun for me because of the creativity of it. There are limitless possibilities. I'm a moody dresser and like to change up my clothes to fit my mood. On this day I felt like being an '80s girl on the prairie. She listens to Cyndi Lauper while fetching a pail of water from the well.

Nothing stifles self expression like being told you have to fit into a mold. I won't be tamed, restricted, controlled or ruled. Unsubscribe from anyone who tells you there are fashion rules and start following people who inspire you to be whatever you want to be. If you don't wear your self out — you'll wear yourself out.


Dress - ASOS | Bag- Forever21 | Sandals - Torrid

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