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Balancing Act

I've been thinking a lot about balance. That fine line between too much and too little. It applies to all things — work, play, music, art and yes, fashion. Although, I'm not here to advocate for strict balance when it comes to the latter. Sometimes it's fun to throw out conventions and style yourself the way you like.

I guess I'd call this sporty meets sassy meets 2019 meets 1989. I'd also call it proof that balance can be achieved by purposely skewing the color palette. The whole reason I bought these camo pants was to wear them in unexpected ways. Whenever I wear them I've got my creative pants on. I styled them three different ways in a previous blog.

I could live in this Femme Fatale sweatshirt from ModCloth. It is so comfortable and the flocked lettering in bold red makes it the most fun. It looks great with blue jeans, but I decided to play with gender norms a bit here. I like the pairing of a sweet scrawl with something hard like camo and oversized demin.

I went with a pair of thrifted vintage Adidas sneakers (borrowed from my husband) to really drive home the clash of the camo and red colors as well as the masculine and feminine elements. They are so off that they actually work. You don't always have to do the most balanced and expected thing when it comes to your own personal style. Have some fun with your wardrobe!


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Top - Modcloth \ Jacket - ASOS \ Pants - Lane Bryant \ Similar Shoes - Adidas

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