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All The Vibes

It's officially fall and that means flannel season. What I'm loving about the flannels and plaids this season is that they have a definite 90's grunge or Clueless vibe. There's also a strong western theme in a lot of the styles I'm seeing. My top 4 themes for fall 2018 will come as no surprise:

  • Leopard print

  • Camo

  • 90's plaid

  • Western details

Look, I'm a grunge cowgirl! Who says you can't mix three trends into one outfit? Not I. This Dolly Parton Vibes t-shirt from Luella is too cute to pack away. And there's no need, graphic tees are perfect for layering under flannels while the weather is still in flux. Knotting the tee in the front helps to marry all the different styles.

These busted knee jeans from Lane Bryant work perfectly with the grungy vibe of the buffalo plaid flannel. The double released hem goes nicely into the leopard ankle boots. I'm seeing lots of leopard booties, and they really are very wearable. I can see myself pairing these with dresses and tights too.

This ornate saddle bag from Target is my new love. It's not real leather, but it's one of the most convincing faux leathers I've ever seen or felt. It even kinda smells and sounds like real leather, but it's much cheaper. Giddy up.

Another trend that I definitely felt was major last year and am still feeling this fall is the color red. I used to shy away from red because I didn't think it looked good with my red hair. I have let go of the notion that hair color determines what colors you can and can't wear. How silly. Colors are meant to mix and mingle. I challenge you to let go of at least one ridiculous "fashion rule" this fall and have some fun.

Shop my look:

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