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Adamsel in Distressed Denim

Jeans will always be cool. But do you know what's really cool? Tore up jeans. The kind of jeans that make your dad ask, "You paid money for jeans with holes already in them?" Yepp, I did.

I love skinny jeans. They are my go to silhouette for pants. This pair from Torrid checks all the boxes:

  • high rise

  • skinny fit on both thighs and ankles

  • medium wash

  • super stretch

  • real pockets


These jeans have good recovery. They do not lose their shape. You gotta love jeans that snap back. You also gotta love jeans that stay put. I'm not sure how I ever lived through the low rise craze of the early 2000's, but I don't miss it. High rise jeans are where it's at for me. No more constant tugging or pulling up on my pants. Freedom.

I paired these killer jeans with a fun t-shirt from ASOS and some slip on Converse. These jeans make it effortless to look cool. Giving the t-shirt a slight tuck in the front helps the outfit look a bit more polished and put together.

This look was perfect for an afternoon walk around the downtown Haymarket district. The weather was great and I stopped into my favorite local ice cream shop for a cone.

Ivanna Cone is a Lincoln treasure. It's such a cute and quirky little ice cream shop. The ice cream is all handmade and super inventive. They even offer vegan flavors on their board daily. I got a scoop of the vegan chocolate mousse and it was awesome.

Shop the look:

Jeans (Be sure to check for coupons. Torrid ALWAYS has coupons!)

ASOS T-shirts (The one I'm wearing is sold out, but they have loads of other great t-shirts!)

Shoes (A 15% off coupon is popping up on their site now!)

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