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A variation on a theme

It's February and I'm committed now, more than ever, to keeping my wardrobe from going stale. I've already cemented myself as an animal print lover, but lately I'm seeing all these captivating monochromatic looks and I'm loving it.

February is a cold month, but it's the time of year when I stop wanting to buy new winter clothes and start wanting to look more toward spring styles. This means I need to start getting creative with what I already have and wearing things in new and different ways. I love throwing sweaters over dresses for a cool and casual look. Since I'm loving the monochrome trend so much right now I decided to put a similar colored pair of red leopard print skinny jeans on under my dress.

I can't believe how well the dress and jeans match one another. They were bought from different brands several years apart. Monochrome doesn't mean everything has to be exactly the same color. Think of red bricks, they are all slightly different colors and visually appealing when stacked on top of one another. I broke up the monochromatic color scheme but kept hold of the leopard print theme with the addition of the black and white sweater.

Mixing patterns, even similar ones, gives depth to your ensemble. I don't think I'd feel the same way about this look if all of the pieces were solid colors. Instead, each individual article is a monochromatic print on its own and a variation on that theme when put together. The same thing could be achieved with other common prints like stripes, plaid or polka dots.


Shop this look:

Jeans - Lane Bryant \ Boots - Torrid \ Dress - old from ASOS \ Sweater - old from Target

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