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5 Plus Size Summer Style Tips

I'm issuing a SUMMER FASHION ADVISORY! What's that? Glad you asked. I'm advising you to do the following:

  • Throw shade on the idea that fat bodies are not summer bodies.

  • Stop giving power to those who would have you believe that your body is "bad".

  • Wear whatever you want!

With all that out of the way, let's dive into my top 5 summer style tips.

1. Suit Up

Plus size bathing suits have really turned a corner. Once upon a time we were offered nothing more than black swim dresses. Now — anything goes. I encourage you to try something new this summer! If you've always worn 1-piece suits, try out a 2-piece. This 2-piece leopard/snake/floral print suit from ASOS is my dream suit. I feel amazing in it.

2. Crop It

Crop tops are basically a summer essential. They just go so effortlessly with shorts, skirts, jeans and over dresses. I love the silhouette that a cropped top gives to all body types. Have a defined waist? A cropped top will accentuate it. Don't have a defined waist? A cropped top will create one. Just want to look like a bad babe? Put on a crop top. See? Magic.

3. Summer Blues

Jeans are eternal, year round, life long wardrobe staples. Wear them with crop tops or tucked in graphic tees for an effortlessly cool summer look. Don't you dare worry about your stomach showing. We all have stomachs and more important things in life to worry about than someone seeing their outline, right? Thought so.

4. Short Story

Hello world, fat people wear shorts. Do not spend one more hot summer hiding your legs. Let them breath in a cool pair of good old fashion shorts. Plus size shorts are getting better, people. This pair of pink mom shorts are so fun. Not your thing? Try some supper stretchy and comfortable jean shorts.

5. Mix it Up

Print mixing, bold colors, neons, sneakers with everything, plastic sun visors — it's all fair game. Summer is the time to have fun with your wardrobe. Ride the casual wave of the season into the sunset.

My 2019 summer style is shaping up to be sporty with unexpected pops of color and print.

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