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3 Plus Size Trend Shopping Tips

Trends come and go, but one constant is the fact that access to trendy clothing in size fat can be slim pickings. Here are my top tips for finding trendy clothes that will work for you.

Back to the future

Yes, trends are cyclical and everything old will be new again. Certain plus size retailers do a much better job than others when it comes to pumping out innovative clothing. My current go-to‘s for fashion forward plus size clothing are the ASOS Curve line and H&M. These retailers are providing a steady stream of innovative looks at a good price point. I’m currently crushing on all the sheer, tiered dresses in fun prints. My inner 90s child is feeling very seen and included.

Try new things

You will never know if a new trend is for you unless you try it. I have been positive that more than one trend wasn‘t for me only to find out I LOVE it when I finally put it on my body. And I’m going to repeat myself — STOP TELLING WOMEN THEY NEED TO DRESS FOR THEIR BODY TYPE. It is no woman’s job to seek out clothing that flatters and slims her body. If that’s what you’re into — cool, but please know there is another option. The wear what you like option. This option focuses more on your style aesthetic and the mood or vibe you are wanting to create with your outfit than on minimizing or shamefully hiding some part of your body. If I followed the guidebook on my body type I wouldn’t be able to wear shapeless, billowy dresses — which is a trend I love.


Thrifting is an excellent way to supplement your wardrobe with new/old trends. Now before I lose you — I am very much aware that thrifting while fat is not a viable option for everyone. Which sucks. And I do think it’s disgraceful that many thrift stores do not buy or sell clothing beyond an XL or XXL. Why should plus size people be excluded from sustainable fashion? An issue for another day. I have an online solution to the local thrift store for you — Poshmark. Poshmark is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell clothing. It’s a great way to purge your closet of things you don’t want and pick up highly discounted pieces you are looking to add to your wardrobe. I love Poshmark because you can shop by brand, size and color. Poshmark is the most size inclusive site of its kind.

Shop my look:

Dress — H&M | Similar boots — ASOS

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